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Manual feed balers or continuous auto-tie horizontal balers: Which is right for you?

As the world business is changing the way of doing things in a more environmental friendly way, baling machine, as effective recycling equipment, is becoming more central in giving waste materials a second valuable life. A proper baler/baling machine can help greatly increasing your company’s revenue on recyclable waste, and can produce a positive Return On Investment) within a relatively short timeframe.

There are two basic baler designs that are generally used by industry – vertical baler and horizontal baler. The key difference between these two types of balers is how the recyclable material is compacted.

Also known as down stroke balers, vertical balers compress waste from the top (vertically). They are usually stand-alone machines, and are typically accompanied with manual feeding and strapping. Whilst on the other hand, horizontal balers compress waste from the side (horizontally). Most horizontal balers are fed by conveyor belt, cyclone or forklift for achieving continous feeding. They can be further classified into closed end and open end types. For closed end horizontal balers, the strapping is usually done manually and for open end ones, strapping and ejection of the bale is achieved automatically.

In terms of footprint, vertical balers are the smaller of the two. Thus, they are more suited for facilities where area is limited. With less steel raw material required for building, vertical balers are more cost effective compared with horizontal balers of similar compressing force. However, with the restriction of manual feeding and strapping, the bale making speed of vertical balers is not comparable with that of continuous auto-tie horizontal balers.

To sum up, vertical balers are usually manually operated, and compress from the top down. They are best suited for smaller businesses where waste is not overwhelming – small manufacturers, retail stores, supermarkets, textile manufacturers, or anywhere else there are smaller quantities of recyclable materials.

Horizontal balers are the larger of the two machines. Loaded from the top by conveyor belt, cyclone or forklift, because the feed is larger, and the output continuous (and automatic), they are ideal for larger quantities of recyclables and constant usage.

There is no absolute conclusion of one better over the other. Considerations need to be paid to your facility’s space situation, the waste material volume, labor availability and cost as well as your financial condition and more before choosing the right baling machine.


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What SINOBALER can Provide for Your Automatic Baling Need

As the world business is changing the way of doing things in a more environmental friendly way, baling machine, as an effective recycling equipment has become a necessity. Because of the increased tightness of the baled material during the compacting process, the kindling point is decreased so that fire cannot easily consume a bundle. As a result, the compacted bales not only faciliate storage and transportation convenience, but also brings great safty to your workshop as the hazard of fire is eliminated

As a pioneer baling machine manufacturer in China, SINOBALER provides several exceptional models of horizontal balers, vertical balers, and customized balers that will satisfy almost any baling requirement. The SHBA2 series auto-tie horizontal baler from SINOBALER has been specifically designed for the processing needs of high-volume recycling plants.

State-of-the-art technology is integrated into the manufacturing of our SHBA2 series automatic baling machines, making them very easy to use and reliable. We select renowned suppliers such as Siemens, Shneider, Mitsubishi and NOK. Besides its PLC controlled touch screen operation interface, SHBA2 series baler includes a compaction trolley equipped with totally eight wheels, four upper wheels and four lateral rollers made of highly wear-resistant heat treated steel material. The shear blade is designed with a special “V” shaped knife with serrated edge. The blade shears the excessive material to eliminate material jam and minimize the problems associated with irregular bales. Hydraulic variable-flow pumps drive the ram with a power regulator which helps to reduces energy and maintenance costs.

Work with SINOBALER brings you fresh feeling of considerate service ever since the very beginning of our correspondence. Your specific baling requirements will be thoroughly studied by our technicians. Optimal baling solution is provided by our sales representatives. Our concern and care doesn’t stop after selling you one of our baling or packaging systems. Once order is placed, your very own ERP order tracking account will be created and advised with which you could check your order status at any time anywhere. When your ordered baler is finished, detailed function test of the machine will be carried out making sure of the baler’s excellent performance over a continuous time. Relative test run video will also be submitted for your further confirmation before shipment arrangement. Certain gift spare parts as well as detailed instruction manual will be shipped out together with the machine. Engineers can be sent over to your site for free set-up, installation, operation and maintenance training as per your request. Besides the 13 months warranty, we also have telephone support staff who will sit there and talk you through for trouble shooting guidance. If this is still not enough, our technicians will get back to your request within 24 hours with detailed instructions and solutions

Visit our website for more information at or directly contact us today for your optimal baling solution!

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