Baler, Balers, Baling Machine – Sinobaler

SINOBALER, a rising star in the waste recycling market, provides industry- leading balers and other recycling equipment.

The benefits of Horizontal Baler manufactured by SINOBALER

-Fully automatic baling cycle
-Semi or fully automatic wire tying system
-Fully automatic material feeding and conveying system
-Highly efficient, low-noise operation
-Reliable, low maintenance machines

Horizontal Balers manufactured by SINOBALER are versatile, cost effective and efficient and should form an integral part of any waste management chain. By removing and baling recyclable waste from your general waste, such as paper, cardboard, plastic, etc, you will save a lot of space, time and money.

SINOBALER provides Horizontal Balers that produce mill size and standard size bales to optimize your waste compaction and collection. Our Balers are highly reliable, built to last and are low on energy usage, making them extremely cost-effective to run. Till now, we have developed over 10 standard models, and all the models in the range offer pre-programmable electrical control systems(PLC), semi or fully automatic bale tying and a variety of optional extras that can configure these modular machines to exact customer requirements. Within the range, Horizontal Balers can be supplied with pressures from 20-120tonnes, producing tied bales weighing up to 1000kgs(depend on material).

With our comprehensive pre and post sales service, you can be assured that you’ll have a top quality Baler for years to come.


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