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SINOBALER, a rising star in the waste recycling market, provides industry- leading balers and other recycling equipment.

Increase your efficiency by the baler from SINOBALER

Balers manufactured by SINOBALER can compact large numbers of materials for recycling such as waste paper, cardboard, PET bottles, tin or aluminum cans, textile, foams, fibers, etc. making them suitable for handling, transporting, and storing. Not counting the benefits it does to the environment, Balers turn in profits from recycling. Not only is the compression a speedy and easy process but it also makes the waste materials more manageable, thus, increasing your efficiency by our balers.

Generally speaking, there are two types of balers being used in recycling-vertical balers and horizontal ones. The machines are differentiated by the way they compact the material.

Vertical balers usually get material fed frontally. They make the compaction from top to bottom and most of the operation way is by manual. These balers are more suitable for supermarkets, retail stores, textile factories, or any other manufacturing company that turns out small quantities of materials for recycling.

Horizontal balers do the material loading from the top through a forklift or a conveyor belt. They are usually fully automated and compact from the side. Such balers are more suitable for factories that turn out large volumes of recyclable materials. These machines have an output of 10 tons or more in an hour.

SINOBALER is a specialized factory of these industrial balers for many years. Come to our site and we will help you buy the best baler for your application.


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