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SINOBALER, a rising star in the waste recycling market, provides industry- leading balers and other recycling equipment.

Full Automatic Horizontal Baler

Your waste cardboard/waste paper recycling solution!

Your cardboard/waste recycling solution!

This horizontal baler (automatic baler) from Sinobaler with fully automatic compressing, strapping, wire cutting, and bale ejecting, is used for handling large volume of recyclable material. It is an ideal option for paper/cardboard recycling facilities, carton manufacturers, large printing facilities, textile recycling units and distribution centers.

Baling Application: cardboard, paper, carton boxes, recyclable textile, fiber, packing material etc.


 Fully Automatic Operation System

enables automatic compressing, strapping, cutting wires, and bale ejecting.

 Touch Screen

for conveniently setting and reading parameters. 

 PLC Control System

simplifies the operation and promotes accuracy

 One Button Operation

makes compressing, strapping, cutting wires, and bale ejecting as a continuous process, facilitating operation convenience & efficiency.

 Adjustable Bale Length

for meeting different demands of bale size 

 Cooling System

for cooling down the temperature of the hydraulic oil so as to protect the machine. Either air-cooling or water-cooling is available.

 Shear Blades

shears the excessive material to eliminate material jam and minimize the problems associated with irregular bales 

 Automatic Feeding Conveyor can be Equipped

for promoting feeding speed and maximizing throughput.

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Model Bale size (mm)
L is adjustable
Bale weight (kg) Throughput (bales/hr) Strapping
SHBA2-400 L*800*720 200-400 8-12 Steel wire
SHBA2-600 L*1100*800 300-600 8-12
SHBA2-800 L*1100*800 400-700 8-12
SHBA2-1000 L*1100*1100 600-900 8-10
SHBA2-1200 L*1100*1200 800-1200 8-10


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